Aerial hoop

In this exquisite Aerial Hoop performance Aleks blends acrobatic feats of contortion with graceful suspension and dynamic spins. Perfect as an evenings feature act however also available as a longer background ‘ambient set’ to animate your events atmosphere.
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Hula hoop

In her delicate handling of the hoops Aleks captivates the audience with charming airiness in an entertaining, inspirational presentation. This act culminates in a spectacular finale with a shower of countless hoops beyond belief. The act can also feature the latest in programmable LED technology for a stunning high tech light performance.


Aleks Hoop

Aleks is a cabaret, coorporate, festival and private event performer. She had a background in movement and dance before specialising in fire dance with Flamba Feuershow and more recently mastering the aerial arts. Performing internationally since 2014 her passion for Hula and Aerial Hoops has been on display at high calibre events worldwide. She is available to perform a single feature act, or several acts for one event. For booking or further questions, please do not hesitate to contact her.