Aerial hoop

In this exquisitely performance, Aleks creates a magnificent blend of acrobatic feats with graceful movements and contortion elements in a Aerial Hoop that is suspended from the ceiling and spinning.This Aerial Hoop act can be booked as the main entertainment act for your event or as an ambient act to animate your guests.


Hula hoop

Let yourself be enchanted by the effortless grace of this act: A classic Hula Hoop creation perfect for variety/dinner shows. In her delicate handling of the hoops, Aleks captivates the audience with charming airiness in an entertaining and inspiring presentation, brought together in a spectacular finale of countless hoops.


Aleks Hoop

Aleks is a cabarett, coorporate, festival and private event performer. She has a background in movement and dance as well as in fire dancing with Flamba Feuershow. In 2014 she transformed her passion for Hula Hoops and Aerial Hoop into a profession. She is available to perform a single act, or several acts in one event. For booking or further questions, please do not hesitate to contact her.